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As a Jencor Preferred Partner, Davis + Henderson offers you a complimentary access to IDefence, featuring an array of solutions and services to help protect your identity and, in the unfortunate event of an identity theft, to assist you in quickly and effectively restoring your identity.

The following IDefence solutions and services exceed $300 in annual value and are available FREE to Davis + Henderson customers:

  • Card monitoring – Using web crawling technology, we’ll monitor Internet chat rooms and be able to alert you in real time if your credit or debit cards have been compromised.
  • Restoration – If you do become a victim of identity theft, our team of experts will guide you through the process of getting your affairs back in order.
  • SecureVault – Securely store and manage your digital document files with our password-protected and encrypted online data storage service.
  • Filing Cabinet software – Download our software and use it to organize documents on your own computer.
  • PDF Converter – Convert any web page, email or document into a locked PDF document.



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FREE Access

To the iDefence Identity Theft Protection