Investment Property Refinance Checklist

We've put together an Investment Property Refinance Checklist for our clients to help you get your information together. Contact our mortgage brokers to know more about the various mortgage services we provide at Jencor Underwriting Centre.

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Current Mortgage Statement
Income Confirmation
1. Salaried employee a) 2 recent pay stubs
  b) Letter of employment
  i. On Company Letterhead
  ii. Position/Length
  c) Income – salaried or hourly
2. Self-employed a) Notice of Assessment ( 2 previous years )
  ii. T1 Generals ( 2 previous years )
  iii. Financial Statements ( 2 previous years, if applicable )
Other Properties? a) A recent mortgage statement
  b) Leases for rental properties
  c) City tax assessments