Karen Penner

Sales Coordinator / Mortgage Advisor

Office Line:
877.245.3636 ext. 5716
Toll Free:
877.245.3636 ext. 5716
Karen Penner




The purchase of your house will most likely be the biggest investment of your life, and so you deserve special attention.
I really enjoy helping people finance a new home or refinance an existing home. Providing solid advice has always been my most important goal. As a Mortgage Agent I have the ability to get you the mortgage that is best for you from the mortgage lender that provides you with right features and benefits for your particular situation. If you are buying your first home, renewing your mortgage, buying a commercial property, refinancing, buying a recreational property or doing some home renovations, I would be happy to help.
As a preferred broker, Jencor deals with over 35 lenders which allows us to do the negotiating for you and get you the best rate on your financing.
My objective is to design the right mortgage solution for your unique situation, so you can achieve these financial goals.
As your Mortgage Agent, I bring to the table 18 years of experience in the financial sector and I surround myself with a fabulous team of experts that include Award Winning Realtors, Financial Advisers and of course our very own Jencor Preferred Partners!

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