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Jeffrey Yuzwak

Mortgage Underwriter / Mortgage Advisor

Office Line:
877.245.3636 ext. 5718
Toll Free:
877.245.3636 ext. 5718




Jeff has been at Jencor for almost 5 years as a Mortgage Underwriter. It is a world in the constant flux of negotiating and problem solving where the goal is to make sure that every mortgage applicant ends up with a mortgage that works for them. Previously, he was a broker, and before that, he was in the banking industry. He knows every side of the mortgage process and brings to his role a calm hand, a personable demeanor, and an analytical mind for problem-solving.

Jeff has had 15 years experience with every aspect of mortgages and knows how to get them done. He won a sales award at a previous brokerage, and closed a lot of transactions because he has a keen ability to analyze a client's needs, and match the right client with the right lender.

When you meet Jeff, you are immediately at ease and feel comfortable because here is a quiet, competent professional who has solid knowledge and understated charm. And oh, by the way, he is a musician who plays the guitar, which might be the key to the harmony Jeff creates at Jencor.

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