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With over 30 years in the industry and 13 billion in mortgages originated, we are the mortgage experts and we get deals done. Period!

What separates us from the competitors is that we simplify the mortgage process so that our Mortgage Brokers have more time to generate sales and in turn put more money back into your pocket. Sound good? We thought so.

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Job Postings

Position: Mortgage Advisor

You are looking for a career in the mortgage industry and may have found more similarities than differences between the prospective employers. You have just found a company that does things very differently.  We call it the Jencor Edge – the better way of brokering!

Most truly effective salespeople have something in common. They love interacting with their clients, matching needs to solutions, and then as soon as possible, doing that again. The part that gets in the way is all the administration that takes far more time than the actual sales activity itself. The Jencor Edge helps salespeople be salespeople, not administrators.

With our unique support structure, our salespeople have far more sales capacity than any other model out there. We believe good salespeople are at their best when sourcing mortgage opportunities through relationship building and marketing activities, uncovering client needs, and presenting solutions, not chasing paper and negotiating terms with lenders. Not only do our staff enjoy doing more of what they do best but they leverage the time others spend on administration to do more business.

If you are ready to experience a better way of brokering, call us for a personal and confidential discussion on how Jencor could be your ideal career fit.

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A Simple Fact: TIME = MONEY

  • The average time a mortgage associate spends on each deal is 5.5 hours.
  • On average, a Jencor Morgage Advisor takes 1 hour or less per deal!

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