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My career started as a rental property owner with my husband and by planning financial strategies around investing in multiple properties. I became very knowledgeable about mortgages, and obtained my certification as an Accredited Mortgage Professional (AMP) over ten years ago. I realized it was my opportunity to share my expertise and assist others in becoming property owners.

By working with a number of different lenders at once, I am able to offer convenience and impartial advice and I will help you to understand how different rates, terms and conditions can affect the lifetime cost of your home, your monthly payments and your financial flexibility.

I grew up in Okotoks and now reside there with my own family. This has given me a unique perspective on homeownership in that area and in Calgary. I know the hard work and dedication needed to become a homeowner, and those efforts should be rewarded with the same hard work and dedication on the part of your broker. Through athletics I have learned leadership, commitment and drive, and through motherhood I have learned respect and understanding.

Shopping for mortgages can be intimidating, but my goal is to remove the mystery and make the process as transparent as possible — shining the light on your financial future.

Please feel free to contact me at any time or apply for a quote today.


Candice Light, AMP