What to Consider When Choosing Window Coverings

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Are you looking to renovate your home this spring? A great way to spruce up the home without breaking the bank is to replace old blinds!

Here are some tips to consider when choosing window coverings:

  1. Understand your needs for each space.

    Is it privacy you are looking for? Is it light you require? Window coverings can serve many purposes. Perhaps you need to darken a space for sleep. Or you need to let in light while reflecting the heat of the sun. It’s all possible as long as your larger goal is clear! 
  2. Take a closer look at your windows themselves.

    Windows come in many different shapes and sizes. Depending on the depth of the window casing, you may need to place the blinds on the outside rather than the inside of the casing. Looking at the depth of your window casing can help you narrow down which window covering is right for you.

    You should also consider the width of your window. Blind manufacturers have maximum widths for particular products. If the width of your window reaches beyond the manufacturer’s maximum, you may have to split your covering into two or three pieces. But don’t worry, blind experts will always be able to guide you and provide you with more information. It’s just something to keep in mind!
  3. Let there be light.

    Natural light can make a space look larger. Unless you need absolute darkness, consider choosing a product that let’s some sunlight into main areas while still providing you with privacy.
  4. Think big when it comes to colour.

    When choosing the right colour for your window coverings, don’t just look to your walls and floors for inspiration. Be sure to look at your accent pieces, fixtures, kitchen/bathroom back splash, and counter tops. You can really make a space ‘pop’ when pairing window coverings with accent colors.

    Always look at how big your space is when choosing a colour too. Remember, darker colors will sometimes create the illusion of a smaller space, while lighter colors can open a space up.

    Don’t be afraid to use bold colours and have your windows act as the standout piece for your room. Window coverings aren’t just about blocking out the sun or providing privacy, they can also be a fashion statement!
  5. Be true to your style.

    Pick a style that will help transform not just your windows, but your home. Think about the space you are working with. The vibe of an office or den might be very different from a bedroom or playroom. How do you want the room to feel? Think of descriptive words like fun, formal, or zen and search for window covering styles that align with your vision.

New Safety Regulations for Cords

Importantly, there are a few new Government of Canada safety regulations to be aware of. The new restrictions and safety measures were put in place to reduce the risk of strangulation. Any exposed single pull cord, chain, or looped cord mechanism must not exceed a length of 22cm. The new restrictions are in effect as of April 30, 2022.  For more information, visit Corded Window Coverings Regulations (justice.gc.ca).

There are several alternatives to cord systems, and these are growing in popularity! You might consider:

  • Cordless lift systems: manually raising and lowering the blind by hand
  • Battery and solar motorized shades: motorized with an option of a single and/or multi-channel remote
  • Automated motorized shades: Pairs to Google, Alexa, and Apple home for control from your smartphone

Talking to a window covering expert can help you select the best blinds or curtains for your space. There are options for everyone, and knowing your goals, style, and window specifics will go a long way to finding the perfect fit.

Authored by Sun Blinds YYC, a preferred partner of Jencor. For more window coverings advice and great pricing, visit sunblinds.ca/calgary.