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Why Use A Mortgage Broker

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There are many great reason for you to consider, aside from the time saving factor and allowing a licensed professional to negotiate with potential lenders on your behalf, really is Expertise!

For most people buying a home is the single biggest purchase you will make in your lifetime. The choice when it comes to arranging financing can impact you for years to come. Not all mortgages are created equal!  A mortgage broker has the experience and know how to ensure you get the mortgage that is best suited for you.

Customer service is an important element of using a Mortgage Broker. Their job is to represent you through the full mortgage transaction and to always act in your best interest.  Your mortgage broker has a relationship with many different potential banks and lenders, this allows them to the shopping for you and the right options for your unique situation.  When you shop for a new car, you settle for the first one you see, you do some comparisons, test drive a few, see how the knowledgeable are the sales people.

A mortgage brokers work is not finished after the mortgage transaction has completed.  We want to stay in touch and time to time give you a call and see how everything is going and if you have any questions and provide you with strategies for paying off your mortgage quicker and planning for the future endeavors.

Jencor Mortgage Brokers are there for every step of the way, from start to furnish!  Our clients are are a part of something bigger...the Jencor Family!

Jeff Yuzwak - Jencor Mortgage