Fun Facts About Calgary, Canada


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Calgary, Canada's energy capital, is a gorgeous city located in Alberta. It’s in the top five largest cities within the whole of Canada. Amongst all the beautiful landscapes and the electric city skyscrapers, there are loads of fun things about this place. For anyone interested in moving to this excellent city, here are some awesome facts to enjoy:

The Calgary Stampede

Calgary can proudly claim to host the largest outdoor event in the world. The Stampede is a ten-day event that’s held annually. There are tons of fun and exciting things to experience during these ten days. It welcomes the largest rodeo in the world, as well as various concerts and sublime stage shows. As if that isn’t good enough, there are also competitions, wagon racing, and a big parade. The people of Calgary will boldly tell anyone about this great event; it’s something that makes this city special. Throughout the ten day Stampede, over one million people turn up to enjoy the party. It’s an incredible thing to experience, and on many people’s bucket lists!

Sun, Sun, Sun

Most people assume that Canada is full of snow and cold all year round. But, this isn’t the case, and Calgary is proof of that. The city gets over 2500 hours of sun each year. What does this mean? Well, it means that Calgary is officially the sunniest place to live in Canada. The warm climate makes it a perfect place for people to settle down and not worry about snow. It’s no wonder that so many people are moving to Calgary from colder Canadian cities!

Warm Winds Can Raise The Temperature

Calgary is famous for its warm winds (Chinooks), that make the city hot. Some say that these winds can raise the temperature by ten degrees centigrade in just a few hours! When combined with the shining sun, Calgary ends up with a Mediterranean climate!

Calgary Is Clean

A fun fact about Calgary is that people like to call it Cow Town. This is down to it having loads of green land and looking like a typical cowboy town. However, despite this nickname, the city is extremely clean. In fact, some say it’s the cleanest city you will ever find. People love visiting this city because they know they won’t have to deal with dirt sidewalks and rubbish everywhere. A lot of people think the reason behind this cleanliness is a large number of volunteers. Calgary can boast more volunteers per population than any other city on earth!

The City Is Diverse

Another interesting fact about Calgary is that it’s very diverse. If you think Canadians only speak French or English, then you’re greatly mistaken! There are over 100 languages spoken in this city. When you think about it, that’s pretty incredible for one city. The benefit of this is that the city is a multicultural paradise. Live there and you can enjoy tastes and experiences of cultures from all over the world.

It’s A Young City

One thing that stands out about Calgary is that it’s consumed by youth. Interestingly, the average age there is just 37 years! The result of this is that a lot of the city is dominated by young people. There are trendy bars and restaurants that stay open late into the night. This gives the city a real buzz and the energy is felt throughout. It’s certainly not a sleepy old town where people go to retire. Calgary is youthful, and that’s reflected in the upbeat mood of the residents.

Calgary Is Home To Millionaires

When looking for Canadian millionaires, there’s no better place that Calgary. It has the most per population in the entire country. As such, this means people can enjoy lots of gorgeous houses and lofts in the city. It adds to the visual appeal of the place and makes it look fancy and modern. Plus, there’s always the chance of seeing a famous Canadian millionaire walking around the city.

There Are Two Pro Sports Teams In Calgary

For people that love sports, Calgary has two professional sports teams to cheer on. The Calgary Stampeders play their football in the CFL, and finished second in their division last season! They play their games in the impressive McMahon Stadium, which is owned by Calgary University. With a capacity of over 35,000, things can get rowdy when watching a live game. But, Canadians are more interested in ice hockey, and the Calgary Flames are this city’s NHL team. They play in the gorgeous Scotiabank Saddledome, and the atmosphere is electric.

Calgary Hosted The Winter Olympics

Although it’s the sunniest city in Canada, Calgary also has good snowfall in the winter. As such, it made the perfect setting for the first ever Winter Olympics. That’s right; this amazing city was the first host of a Winter Olympics. The legacy still lives on today, as the speed skating track is still present. And, it’s open for public use if anyone fancies a skate. Plus, there's the Canada Olympic Park that lets people try out a range of other winter sports.

The Calgary Zoo Is Amazing

People will look long and hard throughout North America and struggle to find a zoo as good as Calgary’s one. It’s an amazing place that’s packed full of lots of great animals. So many gorgeous species of bird are on display, as well as gorillas and more!

The Bow River Is Great For Fishing

The Bow River runs through the city and is famous for its fish. There are loads of trout here, and fishermen come from far and wide to get a good catch. Plus, the river is beautiful and makes the city look even more stunning. Especially when the sun is out, and the water is glistening.

Perhaps the best fact about Calgary is that it’s one of the best places to live on earth. It’s a city that’s famous for its amazing quality of life. So many tourists visit it for this reason, and it’s always abuzz with activity. There’s no doubt about it; Calgary is a fun place to live.