At Jencor Mortgage we pride ourselves on the relationships we have with our clients. Below are some of the amazing client testimonials we’ve collected over the years.

  • "Just a little line or two to bring my warmest thanks to you! Many thanks for all of your help and guidance in the purchase of my new home. A special thank you for your patience as the journey took much longer than expected on our part. All the best and thanks again."

    Lori C

  • "Service like I experience with Cory is hard to come by these days. Cory is a true professional. She is so clear and informative on what choices I have and always helpful in deciding my options. Even with the various real estate deals I have needed advise and guidance on, she is always happy to explain everything clearly. Something that may seem small but made a huge difference for me was how I could always reach her! And if she missed me I could expect a phone call right away. I continue to use Cory for all of my mortgage needs time and time again because I know she is the best and makes the process so easy."

    Krystle Frost

  • "Cory has helped me with both of my home acquisitions and has never come short of exceeding my expectations. Not only is she an expert in her field, she is more than happy to impart that knowledge with her clients. She makes sure that you are thoroughly educated before getting you to sign on the dotted line. I would recommend Cory to anyone looking for a knowledgeable broker who has your best interest in mind."

    Vu Nguyen

  • "I have referred Cory to many clients But have also hired Cory for my personal mortgage needs. Cory goes above and beyond to satisfy your mortgage needs. Cory knows what she is talking about, she is intuitive, has patience, she follows up and provides GREAT customer service all around. Thank you for that Cory!"

    Veronika Ellwand

  • "I have used Cory for my mortgage twice. She worked very hard to get the best rates and to get me qualified. I would recommend her to anyone looking to finance a home."


  • "Cory was extremely helpful for the purchase of two properties, one in Calgary and one in the Ottawa area. She had a ton of knowledge and was able to explain all my options as a person who is self employed. She even helped me negotiate with my lender when the time came to renew, even though they no longer worked with brokers. She gave me the advice I needed to get a better rate and I am very grateful. I know that we will be moving in the future and I will be calling her again to negotiate my mortgage. Thank you so much for making it an extremely easy and painless process. I highly recommend her!!"

    Adriana Herbert

  • "Cory has always been more than happy to answer any and all questions I've had. From the mortgage approval process, to rate inquiries, to porting options, and everything in between, she has been patient and thorough with her explanations. I have no hesitation recommending Cory to friends, family, and anyone who's looking for a mortgage broker. Thank you, Cory, for your continued support over the years!"

    Sarah Nance

  • "As a young first-time home buyer, I was a bit nervous about entering into such a big commitment and somewhat uncertain as to how I'd manage. Garth was recommended to me by my Dad after his satisfying experience with him. After a phone conversation regarding my current situation, plans and potential end-goals, Garth had not only calmed my nerves, but was able to provide great feedback and advice. He and his team are very knowledgeable, trustworthy and great problem-solvers capable of finding a solution that will get you to where you want to be. I’ve had a great experience purchasing my first home and look forward to working with Garth in the future!"

    Jon Sotto

  • "I'm tough to impress having been a real estate lawyer for 35 years. I'm glad to say Garth has impressed me and here are three good reasons why. 1) Garth is knowledgeable and extremely creative; he's a smart guy 2) Garth has a positive, tenacious get-it-done approach 3) Garth truly believes in win-win I STRONGLY RECOMMEND GARTH"

    Barry McGuire

  • "Good Evening Jan, I would like to say… THANK YOU for all the help, advice, information, and ALL the questions that you have answered. Chris and I have decided to stay with First Line Mortgages at this time. We appreciated the professionalism, honesty, and direct responses. Our experience with Jencor has been great. We will not hesitate to recommend Jencor to any friends (I would say family but they are either in England or BC), or use your services again, ourselves, in the future."

    Jennifer C